Caller Tips - Let’s Play Doctor Show

Welcome to the Let's Play Doctor Show help page. We know that Dr. Wallach covers his recommendations rather quickly so we are covering the basics here. Look over the different topics to help find the answers to your questions.
To speak to Dr. Wallach on the Let's Play Doctor Show© call 937-864-7351 weekdays between 4 and 5 PM Eastern Time. The phone lines open at 3:45 PM Eastern. If you call and the lines are busy start calling again about 4:20 Eastern and lines will start to open up.
Show caller tips:
One per call: In an effort to help as many different callers as possible on each program you may ask Dr. Wallach about just one person per call. You may ask several questions about that person but please limit your questions to those about just one person. 
No speaker phones: Do not be on a speaker phone. Because speaker phones are such poor quality Dr. Wallach may not be able to hear you and it may result in your call being dropped.
No 3-way calls: You know how the third party on a 3 way call is hard to hear? That makes it hard for Dr. Wallach to hear them and could result in your call being dropped.
Have a pen and paper handy: write down Dr. Wallach's recommendations. You don't have to write down all of the details. You can get many of them on this site. Just write down the particular pack that he recommends and other specific products. Dr. Wallach will usually tell you to use 1 or 2 of a certain pack per month and then explain what is in each pack. Don't try to write down all of the dosage info. Also, if you are a podcast subscriber you can listen to your conversation with Dr. Wallach over and over at your convenience.
Not a podcast subscriber?