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Let’s Play Doctor Show Daily Podcast

How many times have you called Dr. Wallach about a friend or customer and then stumbled around trying to explain what Dr. Wallach recommended for them?

Play it for your customer – After talking with Dr. Wallach you can play it for a person about whom you have asked him about. It lets them hear the full recommendation without anything being lost in the interpretation.   

Learning tool - Each time you listen to Dr. Wallach talk with listeners you get more accustomed to what he recommends for each health challenge.  It makes it easy to know what he would recommend when you are asked.

All you do is click and listen whenever it is convenient for you. The Let's Play Doctor Show© is now available for you to listen to anytime you want to hear it. Each day after the show is completed we send it to your email account. We remove all of the commercials so all you get is the actual content of the show.  We also list the topic each caller asks about in the order they appear on the show so you can quickly determine areas of interest.  There is no contract to sign; cancel whenever you would like.